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Reiki teaching: advice for new Reiki Teachers

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It’s nerve-wracking preparing for your first Reiki course, isn’t it? You’re taking a step into the unknown and you are going to be guiding a group of people who are trusting you to do a good job. You probably feel that you don’t know enough and that you’re not ready yet. I know how that feels.

I this article I thought I would just pass on a few pieces of advice that might be of help to you, to ease some of your anxiety. Here goes…

It’s OK to teach differently from how you were taught

I’m sure that the… Continue reading

Reiki treatments & winning the lottery

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Let’s talk about cause and effect

Sometimes I am asked by my students about things that happen to a client after they have had a Reiki treatment. The questions are usually framed in terms of:

“After the treatment, this happened… is that the Reiki?”

“I gave someone a treatment and the next week x happened… was that the Reiki?”

Sometimes my response is [shrugs shoulders]… maybe, or “who knows”… sometimes I will say “probably” or “could be”.

And that’s about as far as I can go because (1) I don’t have a crystal ball and (2) not everything that happens… Continue reading

Reiki for Anxiety


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Does Reiki work for Anxiety?

I think a lot of people come to Reiki wondering if it can help ease their anxiety, and I think that there is a general sense that Reiki can help you to become more calm and chilled. So is Reiki good for anxiety? Will it help you to let go of those worries?

Well in my experience, yes, Reiki does really work to help reduce anxiety and there are three ways that it does this, I think.

  1. Through mindfulness
  2. Through the use of the Reiki precepts
  3. Through meditating on and using the Reiki energy… Continue reading

New Reiki Evening classes in London


I have some exciting news, which is that one of our team of teachers, Tina Shaw, will be running Reiki evening classes – for First Degree – from her base in Loughton, Essex (on the Central line), starting in NOvember of this year. First Degree will consist of five weekly sessions lasting for 90 minutes each, and the ‘evening classes’ will also be running during the daytime.

Learning Reiki in this way is a lovely way of echoing more the original Japanese system, where you got to grips with Reiki over time.

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