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taggart king reiki evolutionClick HERE to find out how to tune into distant "Reiju" empowerments sent out every Monday by Taggart King, Reiki Master Teacher and the founder of Reiki Evolution.

Your First Degree Booking: What Happens Next?

Thank you for paying your deposit for a place on one of our Reiki First Degree courses. I am sure that you will have a wonderful time on your course, and that Reiki will make a big difference to you.

What happens now is this: I will check to make sure that we definitely have a place for you on your chosen course and then I will contact you by e-mail within a couple of working days to confirm your place.

When I confirm your place on the course, I will send you a link so you can download your study pack straight away. You will have access to a PDF First Degree course manual (170 pages!), MP3 versions of our First Degree and Reiki Meditations audio CDs, and instructions that tell you exactly what you need to do before you arrive on your course.

Important: Do This Now

Please send an e-mail to and let him have your telephone number(s) for our records. We may need to contact you at short notice to cancel a course; this hardly ever happens, by the way, but better safe than sorry!


Upgrade to a printed Study Pack, and more…

Now’s your chance to upgrade your booking to receive a whole load of extra items to help you with your Reiki.

Would you like a printed study pack? Choose the Printed Study Pack Upgrade and I will send you our professionally-printed Reiki First Degree manual, two audio CDs , printed handouts and a postcard print of the Reiki precepts, all wrapped up safely in protective packaging, all heavily discounted compared to their usual retail price.

Or if you don’t need the CDs, you can just order a discounted First Degree manual plus printed instructions (for only £9.99) by using this button:

Choose the Five Star Upgrade instead and as well as the printed manual, audio CDs and handouts, I will throw in an additional audio CD “Talking you trough a Reiki treatment” and an exclusive Reiki book “Reiki in a Nutshell”, which is not available elsewhere.

Finally, choose the Ultimate Upgrade and, as well as the Standard and Five Star items, you’ll also receive a signed copy of my book “Liberate Your Reiki!”, a framed Reiki certificate and a whole host of extra downloads to help you get the very best out of your Reiki.


  Printed Study Pack  


Five Star  




Printed course manual: 170 A4 pages worth £14.99 worth £14.99 worth £14.99
Audio CD: First Degree worth £14.38 worth £14.38 worth £14.38
Audio CD: Reiki Meditations worth £14.38 worth £14.38 worth £14.38
Postcard print of the Reiki precepts
Printed course instructions
Audio CD: “Talking you through a Reiki treatment”   worth £14.38 worth £14.38
Reiki book: “Reiki in a Nutshell”, only available through this page   worth £6.99 worth £6.99
Product Warranty
(We will replace any items lost or damaged)
  1 Year Lifetime
Reiki book: “Liberate Your Reiki!”, signed by Taggart King     worth £13.99
Reiki 1 audio CD transcript (download)     worth £2.99
MP3: “Enhance your Mindfulness” meditation     worth £5.19
MP3: “Develop your energy sensitivity” meditation     worth £5.19
MP3 collection: “The Reiki precepts” (to enhance their effects in your life)     worth £15.58
MP3 collection: “Self-Treatment meditations”     worth £11.98
MP3: Download of “Talking you through a Reiki treatment” CD     worth £11.98
The Reiki precepts
in Japanese calligraphy (PDF)
    worth £10.20
Framed certificate     worth £10.00
Total Value of the Upgrade £43.75 £65.12 £152.22
Order Now For Only: £18.99