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reiki distant healing the past

Getting creative with Reiki distant healing

I suppose that most people who send practise healing will send the energy to a friend or a family member, but the energy can be used more creatively too and, since Reiki doesn’t seem greatly constrained by either time or space, some people will send Reiki to ‘heal their past’.

They would do that by imagining a past situation or event which has had some ongoing effect on them in terms of what they believe about themselves, some event that has held them back in some way, preventing them from being the person they could be, and imagine that the energy is cradling or flooding that event, doing whatever needs to be done to bring healing and resolution.

Whether the energy actually flies back in time to flood that event with Reiki is a moot point I think, but since all we have to experience is the present in any case – we live in the now – what this practice does is to heal the ongoing effects that the earlier event has had on the way that we feel about ourselves and other people, for example; it calms the ‘ripples’ that the event has produced over the years, to remove the chains that are holding us back in some way.

Healing the ‘inner child’

Some people might send distant healing to themselves in the past, imagining themselves as a child, by way of healing the ‘inner child’, not imagining a particular event or situation, but a representation or composite of them in childhood.

And, interestingly, this seems almost to be a Reiki version of ‘Time Line’ work, which is a practice in NLP: clients are taken back to find early events that have had a deleterious effect on their self-esteem, for example, and insights are passed on to the younger them that have knock-on effects in terms of how that earlier situation has affected them.

Over to you

If this idea is new to you, why not experiment and see what’s possible, and let us hear about your experience by posting a message below.

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6 thoughts on “Sending Reiki to the past

  1. this is so helpfull to my own developement, and in my reiki journey, finally finding a way to care for, support and cherish myself,

  2. I use this method all the time ….Often I won’t visualise any event in particular but will just say: can the reiki please be sent to anything in my past that still needs healing and/or has a restricting effect on my life now….I find it very helpful ….

  3. I am Reiki 2 but I could practice distant healing with my Reiki 1. I have never tried sending Reiki into my past records. I will certainly give this consideration. You can also use Reiki to help you find lost items. I have used this successfully and I only need to ask the Reiki for help and they show me where I need to look. I find things quicker than if I were to look just using my own initiative.

  4. I love your manuals. I switched over to using them and have taught a Reiki one and Reiki Two class. I learned a lot as well. I always enjoy your news letter. I am looking forward to trying to down load the master work CDs on the MP3 play thing or on the computer. I am not very tech smart so I was disappointed that the CDs were not available in the US. However I am grateful I will still be able to access it in another way. I plan to do that next month. Thank you for all the work you do .

    1. Dear Nancy, I am pleased that you found my manuals helpful and I hope you enjoyed your Reiki class. Downloading and listening to MP3s is easy, it really is, and I am sure you won’t have any problems with that.

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