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Develop your Reiki Intuition (Part III)

reiji ho reiki intuition method

So, in previous posts I have walked you through some simple energy exercises that you can carry out every day to clear and cleanse and balance your energy system. I have also described some exercises that you can carry out on your own, and with a volunteer, to start merging with the energy, and merging with the recipient, opening you up to your intuition.

Here are the links that you need if you’d like to recap:

In this post I am going to describe a… Continue reading

You can become more intuitive with your Reiki

develop reiki intuition advice

You are already intuitive

You may not realise it yet, and you may not have too much evidence yet, but you are already intuitive, that is without doubt.

For example, you already know just the right combination of hand positions to use on each person you treat, you already know where the areas of need are, whether they are in front of you or 100 miles away, and you already know just the right amount of time to spend in each hand position.

But at the moment you may not be able to access that intuitive information, the intuition that… Continue reading

Create a bespoke Reiki symbol for your client

bespoke reiki symbol treating clients

Create symbols tailor made for your clients

In my last Reiki article, Create your own bespoke Reiki symbols, I described a simple system that you can follow in order to create a Reiki symbol that provides you with an energy perfectly suited to just what you need in this moment.

And we know that using a symbol has the effect of focusing the Reiki energy like a laser beam, narrowing its focus and boosting its power.

So this would be a useful thing to be able to do for clients too, wouldn’t it, to give them a treatment that… Continue reading

Reiki for Dogs – a quick how to guide by Sarah Berrisford

reiki for dogs

How to do Reiki on Dogs

Can I give my dog Reiki? How do I do Reiki on dogs? How do I know if I’m doing it right?

These are all common questions I often hear. The simple answer is ‘yes’ of course you can share Reiki with your dogs, simply let it flow!

For some people and their animals this works just fine, however, sometimes it doesn’t quite go to plan, so here’s a quick ‘how to guide’ to set you on your way.

Setting the Scene

Whenever possible I like to share Reiki with dogs in a place… Continue reading

Guest blog: “Champ”, the rescued Jindo

I thought you might be interested to read this blog, written by Valerie Mann, from Maryland…


“I have been a Reiki Master/Teacher in Fruitland, Maryland for about six years. It has been my pleasure to see any number of positive results with Reiki. However, when something which seems almost miraculous happens, I still feel a sense of wonder. This was the case with Champ, the rescued Jindo dog in Texas. This breed is not very well known in this country, as they are from Korea and many of them live on the West Coast. However, my good friend Jim… Continue reading

Feng shui your Reiki

Many of you will be familiar with Feng Shui, the Oriental art of placement, where you arrange your living environment to allow smooth flow of chi through your home, eliminating areas where chi will stagnate, and slowing down the speed of fast-rushing chi. So what has that to do with Reiki? Well they both deal with chi, but what I am really thinking of is applying the basic principles of Feng Shui to our practice of Reiki. This may seem a little strange, but please bear with me.

The basic principle of Feng Shui, the first thing you have to… Continue reading

Do I always have to use the symbols?

reiki symbols in treatments use

So many Reiki rules!

In most Reiki lineages the Reiki symbols are taught on the Second Degree course, though some are taught one symbol at First Degree I believe.

A lot of rules have built up about what you can and can’t do with symbols, what you always must do, and of course these rules end up being contradictory.

The only rule that applies to Reiki is ‘there are no rules’ I believe, and what I’d like to do here is just run through a few ‘symbol rules’ that you can choose to ignore.

Draw the symbols over your palm… Continue reading

Mindfulness and compassion

In this article I want to talk about Mindfulness and Compassion, which I believe are two essential components of Reiki practice. Whether we are treating others, working on ourselves, empowering others or living our lives with Reiki, we should grow to embody those two states, the essence of the Reiki precepts.


According to Usui Sensei’s surviving students, Mikao Usui introduced his students to the practice of mindfulness at First Degree level, and emphasised this more at Second Degree level. According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary (9th Edition), to be mindful is to take heed or care, to be conscious.… Continue reading

Declutter your treatment rituals

declutter reiki treatment rituals

Time for a Reiki spring clean?

Reiki treatments are carried out in a lot of different ways and many rituals have been developed and passed on in different lineages.

Reiki has also been affected by the belief systems of people who are involved in other energy practices and it’s natural for Reiki teachings to become ‘coloured’ by a teacher’s personal quirks and idiosyncrasies too.

Trouble is, these practices end up turning into “this is the way that you have to do it” as they are passed on from teacher to student, teacher to new teacher, and that’s unfortunate since some… Continue reading

Treating both sides: is this necessary?

reiki treatment both sides turn over backs

An unnecessary Reiki rule?

In many Reiki lineages, students are taught that they need to treat both sides of a client, asking them to turn over half-way through a treatment so that student can gain access to the client’s back. But is this really necessary?

Might the treatment be just as effective if we left them where they were?

I think that most Reiki people would accept that when we treat someone, the energy is drawn according to the recipient’s need to the right places for them on that occasion, to do whatever they need to have done on that… Continue reading

Back to basics: Reiki Second Degree

People learn Reiki for many reasons and come from an amazing variety of backgrounds, all attending for their own personal reasons. Reiki courses in the UK present a whole variety of approaches, some “traditional” Western-style, some more Japanese in content, some wildly different and almost unrecognisable, some free and intuitive, others dogmatic and based on rules about what you should always do and not do. Reiki is taught in so many ways, and students will tend to imagine that the way that they were taught is the way that Reiki is taught and practised by most other Reiki people.

What… Continue reading

When I treat, do I need to keep at least one hand touching the body at all times?


Keep touching or you’ll lose the ‘connection’?

In some lineages, students are taught that they always need to keep at least one hand resting on the body at all times because, if they do not, they will ‘lose their connection’ with the client, and then have to go through a ritual again in order to regain that lost connection.

But is this really necessary?

Do we have to have to touch the body every second, like a sort of Reiki tag-team, for fear of disconnecting, and is the Reiki ‘connection’ so fragile?

What’s the difference between hands-on and hands-off?

I… Continue reading